My Pendant Testimony

Friends, I have a testimony I want to share with everyone.

Today I dropped my expensive heart pendant into the toilet. It is one of those pendants that is detachable and can be worn on other necklaces.

Me Wearing My Heart Pendant Necklace

It wasn’t until I went to flush the toilet that I heard the blop noise of my favorite pendant falling into a flushing toilet. Immediately, I got upset and cried as I watched my favorite pendant being flushed down the toilet into a reservoir.  As I walked away, I cried out,  “oh God no, my favorite pendant!”

After the toilet completely flushed, I felt an unction in my spirit to walk back to the toilet.  As I did, I looked into the toilet again! When I did, the small favorite pendant had floated back to the top of the water.  PRAISE GOD! He heard my  cry “oh no God, my favorite pendant! I immediately started thanking Father God for rescuing my favorite pendant and for caring about me.

My husband said this was definitely the hand of God. Small objects like my pendant to float back is unheard of!

Through this mishap, Holy Spirit reminded me of a similar occurrence in the Bible found in 2 Kings 6:1-6.  Elisha and the school of prophets where at the Jordan River cutting timber to build individual dwelling places.  One of the prophet’s accidentally dropped a borrowed axe into the river.  The prophet cried out to Elisha, “Oh, my master, it was borrowed? Then the man of God said, Where did it fall? He showed him the place. Then he cut down a stick and threw it there, and the iron floated. And he said, Take it up for yourself.”So he reached out his hand and took it.”

God heard the prophets concern and cry over the borrowed axe that accidentally fell into the river, and used Elisha to retrieve the axe. God is concerned about very thing detail of our lives.  Father God, retrieving my pendant by floating it back up the pipes, has touched my heart in such a way that this incident has drawn even me closer into  Father’s love ❤️  Thank you LORD for hearing my cry and returning my pendant.



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