Bible Quiz #26

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

1.    Which Psalm begins “give ear to my words, O Lord?”

2.    Complete the following words of Jesus: “Love your e______.”

3.    What did the citizens of Iconicum throw at Paul?

4.    Complete this pair of sisters:  Mary and M_______.

5.    Complete this married couple: Isaac and R___________.

6.    At which time of day did the Angel of Death pass over Egypt?

7.    Was Josiah or Jeremiah a king?

8.    Which king ordered all the boy babies in Bethlehem to be killed?

9.    Why did Jesus order six stone jars to be filled with water at a wedding?

10.  How did the paralyzed man get to Jesus?

11.  Who were Joseph and Matthias?

12.  How did the disciples decide which one of them to choose?

13.  Who did Paul ask Philemon to forgive in his letter?

14.  Who is sometimes called “the Lawgiver?”

15.  What did Moses strike to produce water in desert?

16.  Who is the strongest man in the Bible?

17.  What animals pulled the cart bringing the Ark of the Lord to the Israelites?

18.  What did Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet do to Solomon?

19.  Who prayed to God from the belly of a fish?

20.  Where did Jesus spend 40 days and nights?

Answers: 1) Psalm 5; 2) enemies; 3) stones; 4) Martha; 5) Rebekah; 6) midnight; 7) Josiah; 8) King Herod; 9) so he could turn them into wine; 10) through the roof on a stretcher; 11) Candidates to replace Judas; 12) they drew lots; 13) his runaway slave; 14) Moses; 15) a rock; 16) Samson; 17) two cows; 18) anointed him to be king of Israel; 19) Jonah; 20) in the wilderness

“Sing Unto The LORD”

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