Bible Quiz #27

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

1.    Who was told in a dream to take his wife and child and escape to Egypt?

2.    Complete the quotation: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the “_________.”

3.    Which tree was guarded by an angel with a fiery sword?

4.    What did the midwife put on Zerah’s wrist to show he was born before Perez?

5.    Apart from Peter, which two disciples witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus?

6.    Which cunning animal did Jesus say king Herod was like?

7.    Who did Jesus tell, “go sell what you possess and give to the poor?”

8.    What appeared as tongues of flame on the heads of the disciples?

9.    What did Peter do when a lame man asked him for money?

10.  Who planted the first garden?

11.  Where was the first garden?

12.  Who went to a garden to pray?

13.  Who mistook Jesus for a gardener?

14.  What did the Israelites miss after they left Egypt?

15.  Who told the Israelites that they “shall make gardens and eat their fruit?”

16.  Who had his vineyard stolen from him by queen Jezebel?

17.  What is the fruit of the vine?

18.  What did enemies sow amongst the crops during the night in Jesus’ parable?

19.  Why did Jesus curse a fig tree?

20.  Where in the Bible would you find a rainbow, lentil stew, and a pillar of salt?

Answers: 1) Joseph; 2) Earth; 3) the Tree of Life; 4) a scarlet thread; 5) James and John; 6) a fox; 7) the rich young man; 8) the Holy Spirit; 9) he healed him; 10) God; 11) Eden; 12) Jesus; 13) Mary Magdelene; 14) the vegetables; 15) the prophet Amos; 16) Naboth; 17) grapes; 18) weeds; 19) because it didn’t have any fruit; 20) the Book of Genesis

“Sing Unto the LORD”

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