Characters of the Bible: “Nehemiah”

Article Written by Charles S. Head

One of the greatest stories of the Bible in reference to persistence is that of Nehemiah.  Nehemiah continued with “the vision” until he accomplished what God had put in his heart to do. He had a burden for his people, (Israel-Judah) who had escaped and those who were left of the captivity and were in great affliction and reproach. Nehemiah also had a burden in his heart to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and the gates which were destroyed by the Chaldees during the destruction at an earlier time.

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As Nehemiah pondered these things in his heart, he began to weep and mourn.  As he fasted, prayed, and sought God, he then went and stood before king Artaxerxes with a sad heart and the King granted Nehemiah’s request to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and the gates. God also gave Nehemiah favor with king Artaxerxes, he not only gave him permission, he also gave him all the materials needed to rebuild the walls.

Nehemiah’s task was not an easy one, he had a lot of opposition from his enemies who tried in many ways to stop him on his mission.  He was mocked, ridiculed and threatened by these enemies.

In the midst of all opposition, instead of giving up—with the strength and wisdom from God, he did not lose his focus or vision for his task ahead.  With both perseverance and prayer, he finished the work he set out to do.

There is a lesson for all of us in Nehemiah’s story:

1. We all need a burden of heart to seek God with.

2. Seek God for wisdom and instruction and leave it with Him.

3. Remember, you will always have opposition from enemies.

4. Don’t quit your task, especially when you know it is of God—God’s has your back.

5. God is not an incomplete God, trust Him and He will help you finish the task.

Whatever vision we may have we must understand that when we allow God to hold our hand, He will help us finish the task.  Yes, we may get discouraged and be tempted to give up but that is a part of the obstacles that will help us to become stronger on our journey.  Victory is what we will receive, giving all praise and honor to God.

“Sing Unto The LORD”

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