My Journey To Healing: Part 1

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On August 7, 2021 my life, without my knowledge,  was headed for a big change.  A change that will affect me the rest of my life health wise!

My new journey began after eye surgery in August 2021. The surgery itself, as I was told, was successful. It was the after care treatment of a series of eye drops that initiated this new journey in my physical life. I was instructed on how to apply four different eye drops into my eyes so that they would heal properly.  Every time I applied these drops, I could feel them drip down the back of my throat.  After two weeks of these eye treatments, my stomach started bothering me. I contacted the medical people that performed the eye surgery and explained what was happening with the eye drops dripping into the back of my throat and the discomfort with my stomach.  There answer was, “this medication doesn’t act in that manner.” By the next week, my right kidney became inflamed.  I made an appointment with a urologist. Now adays you don’t have the pleasure of seeing a doctor, you have to see their Physican Assistances (PA).  The PA gave me a quick talk to and makeshift exam and stated, “there’s no problem I can detect.”

By the end of September I was so sick and without energy.  I couldn’t walk 8 steps without exhaustion. I called my PCP, and this time I had to speak to a nurse practitioner.  After explaining my symptoms, she stated I had a case of acid reflux. I strongly disagreed with her and requested bloodwork to be done to find out the problem.  She refused to write a script for the bloodwork, because she said I already had bloodwork done in March and I was fine.  Mind you now, at this point in time I could barely walk or talk without draining my energy. I wouldn’t give into her opinion. I became persistent in having bloodwork done.

She finally wrote the order and I went in on a Wednesday to have bloodwork done.  On Thursday morning, 9:00 a.m., October 8, 2021, my PCP called me and said “get to the hospital immediately, your liver is shutting down!” Talk about fear!  I was a person with good health, now all of a sudden, “my liver is shutting down!”  My many calls and trips to doctors and no one thought to take a blood test.
Friends, we all need to be “proactive” in our healthcare. Know Your body! Know about the meds you take! And be persistent.  The medical professionals are not perfect, nor do they know everything.

I will continue this health journey with future posts.  Stand tuned for more on this journey to healing!

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