My Journey To Healing: Part 2

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On October 8, 2021, my PCP doctor called me and informed me I need to get to the hospital immediately. Fear became my response followed by tears. My husband was on a plane headed to Georgia to attend and official his oldest sister’s funeral. I was home alone with our 10-year old grandson, who we have been raising, since he was 14 months old.

After calming down, I had to make arrangements to get to the hospital and for someone to take care of our grandson.  I called my sister to escort me to the hospital and contacted the other grandparents to take care of our grandson.

When my sister arrived, I was still afraid and nervous.  As I began to walk out my front door, I heard Holy Spirit say, “Will you trust me?”  Immediately I said “yes,” then suddenly my fear was replaced with a peace that came over me that I can’t explain. Holy Spirit comforted me that I was going to be divinely taken care of by His unseen hands and His presence.

At the emergency waiting room area of the hospital I only had to wait 20 to 30 minutes before being seen. Once taken back to a bed, I was worked on immediately with every test available: a cat scan, bloodwork, x-rays, etc., nothing was overlooked.

The tests showed I had arsenic in my body, heavy amounts of metal and iron, inflamed right kidney, damage to my liver, inflammation in the lower intestines and lining of my stomach, I lost 14 pounds, and had a urinary tract infection. Let’s not forget the Nurse Practitioner stated I only had “acid refux.”

I was admitted to hospital for eight (8) days on heavy doses of antibiotics and other medications. The antibiotics, when injected via my arm through the IV, burned in such a way that it felt as if my arm was on fire, but thank God for antibiotics and medical staff that knew what to do.

The many doctors working on my case were all perplexed, especially with the arsenic and metal found in my body. I explained to them I believe the problem with my illness was related to the eye drops I used to heal my eyes after eye surgery. Naturally know one likes to point a finger at fellow professionals, especially in the medical field, so this information was quickly squashed.

On a bright side, one doctor that was on my case stated they did tests for “pancreatic cancer.”  He said, “I prayed a prayer for you, “God don’t let her have pancreatic cancer, she is a Christian.”  WOW!  I had never met this doctor before, so how did he know I was a Christian and ti pray for me. This had to be a divine act from Father God. Our God is so amazing!

When my husband’s plane landed in Georgia, I called him to let him know what was going on with me.  He wanted to come back home, but I insisted that he stay for his sister’s funeral and to put closure to his Sisters departure.

The next six days were more tests and treatments,  plus a painful liver biopsy. Throughout my treatments and hospital stay, I truly felt the presence of Holy Spirit, which allowed me to remain confident in the hands of Father God.  The nursing staff were perplexed at my calmness. Father God opened a door of opportunity for me to witness to my roommate and to play anointed gospel music to her.  Although, I was going through a trying experience, Father God kept me.  I encourage anyone going through a medical challenge, please put your faith in God to bring you through it.  I truly come to know and experience two promiese of God: “I will never leave you nor forsake you” and “be strong and courageous, for I will go before you and with you.  Friends, stand on the Word! Father God is faithful to His Word to perform it. Stay turned for Part 3.

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