A Song To Jesus

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My song shall be of Jesus;

His mercy crowns my day’s, 

He feels my cup of blessings, 

And turns my heart to praise;

My song shall be of Jesus. 

The precious Lamb of God: 

Who gave himself my ransom, 

And bought me with his blood. 

My song shall be of Jesus; 

When, sitting at his feet, 

I call to mind his goodness, 

In meditation sweet: 

My song shall be of Jesus.

Whatever ill betide: 

I’ll sing the grace that saves me.

And keeps me at his side. 

My song shall be of Jesus, 

While pressing on my way 

To reach the blissful region 

Of pure and perfect day

And when my soul shall enter

The gate of Eden fair,

A song of praise to Jesus

I’ll sing forever there.

By Frances Crosby 

“Sing Unto The LORD”

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What Must I Do To Be Saved? 

Believe in  your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is your savior. You do this by praying the “sinner’s prayer below!
Dear Jesus, I come to you today as a lost sinner.  I am asking that you save my soul and cleanse me from all sin.  I know that I need help and  that I can’t save myself.  

I believe that you are the Son of God.  Forgive me for my sins and all wrong doings I have done to others and help me to forgive those who have hurt me.  I believe that you died on the Cross for my sins and the sins of the world.  I accept You, Jesus, into my heart as my Lord and Savior.

I confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus, as my Savior and believe in my heart that God has raised Him from the dead and You are now seated in Heaven.
You are now a “new creature in Christ and a child of God!”    Now share the “good news” by telling someone else about your salvation.