Bible Quiz #40

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

Photo by Ben White (unsplash)

1.    What was the name of the town where Jesus met Zacchaeus?

2.    What did Priscilla and Aquila do for a living?

3.    Name another famous Christian who was a tent-maker.

4.    Who said that being a Christian is like being a part of the body?

5.    Where would you find an ox, a lion, a creature with a man’s face, and an eagle?

6.    What do each of the creatures an ox, a lion, a man’s face, and an eagle represent?

7.    Which book of the Bible comes after Judges in the Old Testament?

8.    Who said that his name was, I am who I am?”

9.    What cruel thing did Samson do with 300 foxes?

10.  What happened to Elijah’s pile of firewood on Mount Carmel?

11.  What came out of Jesus’ side when a soldier pierced it?

12.  What did the soldier use to pierce Jesus’ side?

13.  Complete this phrase: “Oh death, where is thy _______?

14.  Which book is addressed to “the seven churches that are in Asia?”

15.  Who made up a riddle about honey in the carcass of a lion?

16.  What problem did Mephibosheth suffer from?

17.  How did Solomon solve a dispute between two women over a baby?

18.  What kind of tree did Elijah rest under in the desert?

19.  Who told Hagar she was to have a baby called Ishmael?

20.  What name is often given to the books of Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes?

Answers: 1) Jericho; 2) they were tent-makers; 3) Paul; 4) Paul; 5) Book of Revelation; 6) one of the four gospels; 7) Ruth; 8) God; 9) tied their tails to flaming torches; 10) it burst into flames; 11) blood and water; 12) a spear; 13) sting; 14) Revelation; 15) Samson; 16) he was lame in both feet; 17) he told them to cut it in half; 18) a broom tree; 19) an angel; 20) the books of wisdom

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