Thank You Father God

I would like to thank you Father, from someone who was lost.

You sent your son to save me, no matter what the cost, I know I didn’t deserve it, but it’s all about the cross.

Father I was so lonely for only you would know. It was your peace I needed from heaven it must flow.

You sent others to tell me, I didn’t want to hear, because I wasn’t living right, I rejected with much fear.

I know you really loved me, because you didn’t just stop there, you kept reaching out to me because you knew of my despair.

Finally, I surrendered, my eyes were about to see, that the heaven would open to me, if only I would bend the knee.

It was a cold January day back in 1973, I gave my heart to Jesus, it was He who set me free.

You lifted all my burdens, loosed all my shackles and chains,  I was on my way to Heaven through Calvary’s pain.

I was now a new creature called and snatched from satan’s hand, for God to change my destiny.

I was headed for the promised land. I had a peace within me, that I never had before, only Jesus within me could unlock the door.

I thank you Father for changing a life that was confused. It was under satan’s hand I was being abused, but it’s under your hand I’m blessed and used.

Your word has power and is a lamp until my feet, unlike satan’s kingdom full of lies and deceit.

When I have shared your word with others, some say yes and some say no, but because of your spirit I still had an overflow.

I have had pain and I have had sorrow, sometimes it seemed there would be no tomorrow.

As I kept on praising, Your grace was amazing, for it has brought me through. You put a song in my heart, right from the start, now nothing will ever keep us apart.

Lord I have no regrets and all my needs are being met, and I know you have my destiny set.

Thank you Father for Your joy and thank you for Your love You sent it through Your Son from heaven above.

For all who hear these words some going through something, He will do it for you, I serve a God who loves you, He is faithful and true. (Written by Charles S. Head)

“Journey With The King

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