Weekly Encouragement #8

Scripture for The Week
John 18:20 “I has spoken openly to the world….I have always taught in

the synagogue and in the temple complex, where all the

Jews congregate and have spoken.

Praises To The LORD
Thank you LORD for not keeping your Word a secret to the world

and to those who seek you for salvation. Your Word

is life that transforms those who trust you.

Character That Inspires Me
Peter was not afraid to speak the word of God in public. In Acts 2:4, Peter spoke boldly to the Jews and mixed audience about Jesus and 3000 were saved and baptized the same day.

This week allow Holy Spirit to minister to your mind to set you free from fear of man, so that you can fill the great commission and speak the Word as God sends you into the world.

In Your Journal Write
1. Ways you can be bold for Christ.
2. Ways the Word transforms individuals.
3. How the Word is life.

Thought Life
This week choose to destroy negative thinking by the truth of God’s Word.

LORD, thank you for the Word. It is alive and active with the power to transform those who feast on it.  LORD, Your Word is truth and guides the reader into paths of righteousness.

Listen To Song
“Tell Them”
by Andre Crouch

I will
be bold
to speak

the WORD

As Ambassadors for the LORD we should

be “bold” in presenting the WORD

to others.

“Journey With The King”

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