Fine Tuned By God

There are things in many areas of life that need to be adjusted because they become off course.  If a locomotive train leaves its track, it has to be put back on track. Many times, when a train gets derailed (off track) it can cause severe damage to the loads they carry, the engine, the tracks as well as property surrounding the tracks.  As a result, repairs are necessary in order to get back to the normal operating procedure.  The cause of these problems may be the result of uneven tracks or ground under the tracks washed away by rain, etc.

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Mankind, like trains, also get out of adjustment mentally and spiritually. Those who have been transformed by a relationship with Jesus Christ also get out of tune with God because of distractions, adversity, stress, lack of prayer and time with God and many other things.  When this occurs, we need to be “fine tuned by God.”  There are many examples that can be used to express how we are brought back into the right adjustment process. The book of Jeremiah gives one great example:

  • Israel in Jeremiah 14:19-23. God had given them an order concerning the Sabbath which was not obeyed by them.  This caused them serious consequences of a reaping process. 
  • God sent the prophet Jeremiah to warn them ahead to prevent the serious consequences of disobedience.  They would not obey.
  • God’s solution for “fine tuning” as recorded in Jeremiah 18:1-6:  God instructed Jeremiah to go to the Potters House and watch how he worked the clay. The potter reshaped the clay! Jeremiah was given a vision example of how God would reshape Israel, if they wanted to change.

This was God’s way of “fine tuning” Israel back to their relationship with Him.  We also have a choice to be “fine turned by God.”  If we allow Him, God can get us back on track in order to bring out better results for His Kingdom.  If we are left to continue as we are (our choice), we like a derailed train – off track, are headed for destruction in which consequences of reaping will result.

We must stay on the track God has prescribed for us through His Word, or if we too steer off at times, we can use God’ preventive maintenance to save much heartache.   Written by Charles S. Head

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