Financial Fitness #10

With Tip #9 you were ask to record your mission statement, which is your vision. Now that you know your vision for your future, let’s turn that vision into workable goals. (For financial sheet template click here). In Example One on Tip #9, the individual’s dream/vision was to:

Further his education as a chef learning how to cook delicious meals with only 6 ingredients at low cost. Once accomplished, start a non-profit, preparing meals for low-income seniors at minimal cost.

To turn his vision into goals, it would be to:

Goal 1: Enroll in Culinary School to perfect his skills as a specialty chef.
Goal 2: Establish a specialty food line using six ingredients only.
Goal 3: Setup a non-profit to help seniors eat healthy at low cost.

Once goals have been established, now it’s time to write a workable plan using action steps. For example, action steps for Goal 1 could be to:

  • Research affordable Culinary Schools within a 50-mile radius (near his home).
  • Compare tuition costs and how many months to finish.
  • Research major restaurants in his area that would hire a newly graduated chef.
  • Research if the qualifying schools offer job placement after graduation.
  • Do the math to learn if able to go to school full-time and to work part time to maintain current living expenses.

Written dreams/vision gives one a roadmap for our future personally and financially.  Dreams without a plan is just that, a dream!

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