Bible Quiz #50

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

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1.    What position of authority did Pontius Pilate hold?

2.    Who is the man who died, whose eyes were not dim, nor his natural vigor diminished?

3.    Who was the father of John the Baptist?

4.    Who told Saul that rebellion was as bad as witchcraft?

5.    How many books of the Bible begin with the letter G?

6.    Which king had the shortest reign at only seven days?

7.    Where did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead?

8.    Which animal took Samson by surprise attack?

9.    Where did Peter get money to pay the temple tax?

10.  What does Paul say is the supreme gift of the prophecies to believers?

11.  What did the angel who met Joshua outside Jericho tell him to remove?

12.  Who burned David’s city Ziklag?

13.  The Fruit of the Spirit is made up of how many traits?

14.  The Ten Commandments appear in the book of Exodus, and which other Book of the Bible?

15.  From the book of James what kind of man is like a wave of the sea?

16.  In Exodus 16, what bird served as miracle food for the Israelites?

17.  In the book of Acts, what did Lydia sell?

18.  Who was the father of Moses?

19.  Jesus said “I Am the Good ____________.”

20.  Who’s the only Old Testament person mentioned as being buried in a coffin?

Answers: 1) governor; 2) Moses; 3) Zechariah; 4) Samuel; 5) Two, Genesis & Galatians; 6) Zimri, 1 Kings 16:15; 7) Bethany; 8) lion; 9) fish’s mouth; 10) charity; 11) shoe; 12) Amalekites; 13) 9 traits; 14) Deuteronomy; 15) double minded man; 16) quail; 17) purple – Acts 16:14; 18) Amram; 19) Shepherd; 20) Joseph

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