Financial Fitness 101 #9: Planning

When establishing a financial plan, having a mission statement is a good idea to start with. Your mission statement is your vision or dreams you want to accomplish in life. The written mission statement should be no more than a paragraph including your life’s purpose. See examples below:

Example One: I want to further my education as a chef learning how to cook delicious meals with only 6 ingredients at low cost. Once accomplished, I would love to start a non-profit preparing meals for low income seniors at minimal cost.

Example Two:  Obtain a job in computer tech field. Save enough money to purchase first home for me and spouse, set up a vacation fund for yearly vacations, and start a monthly Bible study in our new home for new Christians.

Your mission statement should include your faith and personal endeavors, because that is what our lives are composed of!  Once you pen your mission statement to paper, you now have a map for your future goals. 

To be continued with Tip #10

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