Bible Quiz #49

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

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1.    In Isaiah 53, what did we hide from the Lord? Our ___________.

2.    According to Colossians, what do we have through Jesus’ blood?

3.    From Proverbs, “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct thy __________.”

4.    What two foods were said to flow in the land of Canaan?

5.    Which has the fewest words of any book in the Bible (KJV)?

6.    Who was the son of David?

7.    Acts 2:42 discusses ecclesiology, the study of the __________.

8.    How did God identify Himself when speaking from the burning bush?

9.    To which apostle did Christ entrust the “keys of the kingdom?”

10.  Which book may be summarized, “God will hold us accountable for all our actions?”

11.  From First Timothy, what is the root of all evils?

12.  What is the youngest book in the Old Testament?

13.  Where did Paul go to prepare to preach the Gospel?

14.  Which great city did Isaiah predict would become like a helpless widow?

15.  From the book of Matthew, among whom did Jesus instruct the apostles to go?

16.  Which king dug wells in the desert in 2 Chronicles?

17.  What sort of men suck “the poison of snakes?”

18.  Which judge of Israel had thirty sons?

19.  Who wrote a letter to Felix concerning Paul?

20.  First Peter 5 compares satan to which animal?

Answers: 1) faces; 2) Redemption; 3) paths; 4) Milk and honey; 5) 3 John; 6) Solomon; 7) Church; 8) I Am that I Am; 9) Simon Peter; 10) Zephaniah; 11) love of money; 12) Malachi; 13) Arabia; 14) Babylon; 15) Israelites; 16) Uzziah; 17) wicked (Job 20:12-16); 18) Jair; 19) Claudius Lysias; 20) roaring lion

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