Bible Quiz #52

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

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1.    Who saw an angel with a drawn sword stretched over Jerusalem?

2.    In Genesis 4, whom did God ask, “why is thy countenance fallen?”

3.    Which son of David had been drinking much wine when he was killed?

4.    Satan was from the very beginning both a liar and a what?

5.    How many years did Noah live after the flood?

6.    In Matthew 3, who as anointed by the Holy Spirit?

7.    The daughters of Jerusalem said they “will make borders of gold with studs of ___________.”

8.    Who had a vision of a fiery stream?

9.    What Persian queen refused to display her beauty at the court of king Ahasuerus?

10.  Whom did Paul address as “mine own son after the common faith?”

11.  Who solved a custody dispute by proposing a child be cut in half?

12.  Who escaped Damascus when disciples took him by night, letting him down a wall in a basket?

13.  Who awakened from his sleep and said, “surely the LORD is in this place?”

14.  What type of trees from Lebanon provided the wood for Solomon’s temple?

15.  Who confessed to God the building of the golden calf?

16.  In which book does it say God keeps numbered the very hairs of your head?

17.  Who was the first person to build an altar unto the Lord?

18.  On what mountain did Elijah challenge the prophets of Baal?

19.  Who fell dead after lying about a property deal?

20.  According to Proverbs, what is better to get than gold?

Answers: 1) David; 2) Cain; 3) Amnon; 4) murderer; 5)350 years; 6) Jesus; 7) silver; 8) Daniel; 9) Vashti; 10) Titus; 11) Solomon; 12) Saul; 13) Jacob; 14) cedar; 15) Moses; 16) Matthew; 17) Noah; 18) Carmel; 19) Ananias; 20) Wisdom

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