Becoming Successful Means Growing Up!

Photo by Andrea Tummons (unsplash)

Below is another great find I discovered when cleaning out my file cabinet.  Once again the Author, unfortunately,  is unknown.  But I felt compelled to post this 16-point checklist because is it a great list in keeping us business-minded individuals “rooted and grounded” in our gifts and talents.

1.  Growing up means not taking rejection personally.

2.  Growing up means working even when you don’t feel like it.

3.  Growing up means accepting responsibility for yourself and your business and not blaming others.

4.  Growing up means not feeling sorry for yourself when your appointments don’t hold.

5.  Growing up means getting up early enough in the morning to get your work done.

6.  Growing up means disciplining yourself to build a good inventory.

7.  Growing up means not dumping your problems on others.

8.  Growing up means making your family understand you are committed to building this business.

9.  Growing up means not thinking you have to do everything – delegate!

10.  Growing up means working your business consistently.

11.  Growing up means being able to give more than take.

12.  Growing up means the customer is always right.

13.  Growing up means going to unit meetings – wearing success clothing – even when you don’t want to.

14.  Growing up means showing your spouse how important he/she are and how much you appreciate their support.

15.  Growing up means commitment and responsibility.

16.  Growing up means total self-fulfillment, thus being able to give yourself more fully to those around you. Don’t they deserve to have you grow up?

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