Journey to Healing: Revisiting Your Past

Have you every revisited your past?  Do you think it’s good for one to revisit the past?  I’ve heard people said, “the past is the past, bury it and more on!”  What do you think?

So why am I asking this question?  There are many in the body of Christ that are suffering with a wounded soul due to verbal, physical, or sexual abuse done to them in their childhood years.  These wounds planted seeds of hurt that took root in their heart and grew into their teen years and adulthood causing them to rehearse this pain in their minds constantly causing them to feel rejection.  The release of rejection is then acted out through anger, addictions, habits, bitterness, etc.

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Revisiting one’s past can reveal a lot about why we act and think the way we do; but revisiting the past can also be challenging and hurtful when opening doors that have been closed for a long time.  However, the past can bring healing to a wounded soul that is exhibiting character flaws that hurts others and self.

I am not a therapist nor am I a psychiatrist, so this writing is not from a doctor’s point of view, rather from my personal testimony of revisiting my past for healing from wounds that left me with character flaws.  

  • I have learned through the Bible that we all, due to sin, have wounds that have been afflicted on us from our past that can only be healed by Father God. 
  • I have learned that it’s good to revisit the past, because we can identify the root cause of our character flaws such as anger, bitterness, unforgiving spirit, habits or addictions and other character flaws.
  • I have learned that once we revisit the past and discover the root cause of our character flaws, we need to own it by taking responsibility for that hurt for healing.
  • I have learned that God is not into “blaming others,” rather He is more concerned about our healing for a healthy soul.  He wants to restore our soul so that we can learn to love Him and others in a healthy way.
  • I have learned that people are not our enemy, it is satan working through people to hurt us and keep us from having a relationship with God.

Father God gives us a great illustration in the Bible of a nation that needed healing for their wounded souls.  In the Book of Exodus, the children of Israel were in heavy bondage for 430 years.  With a strong arm, God rescued them from the bondage of slavery and took them into the wilderness to heal and restore their wound souls from their past life of severe abuse afflicted to them by the Egyptians.  God wanted to:

  • Have a covenant relationship with them.
  • Take them through a healing process to heal their wounded souls.
  • Teach them they have freedom to start a new life.
  • Make a nation of kings and priest out of them.

Father God wants to do the same with His children of today.  But if we allow our minds to keep us living in the past and not surrender it for healing keeps us in a wilderness mentality.

  • God wants us to enjoy being in an unhindered relationship with Him.
  • Jesus’ death and resurrection offers all Believers freedom from the bondage of sin.
  • God wants us to “put off the old man” and to “put on the new man in Christ.”
  • God has ordained us to be priests.

The number one wound that satan uses to attack God’s children is rejection. Rejection causes many character flaws.  Today, tell your mind it will not dedicate your future anymore!  Yes, you were hurt as a child or teenager, but you don’t have to live your entire life with a wounded soul that wants to keep you bound.   

Today, take back your life by taking responsibility for your thought life.  You do this by:

  • Pray first!
  • Secondly, speak the Word!  Someone spoke negative words or performed negative actions against you, it’s now your responsibility to take your life back.  You will must learn to speak life over yourself by quoting scriptures to dispel the lies you are rehearsing in your mind.

When the enemy would tell, me in my mind, I was unlovable, I would hit him with Ephesians 2:4 “God greatly loves me and He has made me alive with Jesus.”  Ephesians 2:18 “I am God’s workmanship created by Christ to do good works.”  John 15:16 “God has chosen me and he loves me and ordained me to bring forth good fruit.”

Friends, don’t allow the enemy to continue speaking lies in your mind.  Healing is available to all that take responsibility of their mind.  Without healing we live in the bondage of our wounds and wounded people wound others, as I also learned. Sometimes wounded people “wound others” intentionally and other times they “wound others” unaware of their actions because they are so hurt inside.

Two of my greatest struggles in life were:  rejection and critical spirit.  It was Jehovah Rapha that gently took me back to my past life showing me why I struggled with rejection and why I exhibited the behavior of critical spirit.  He then began teaching me how to release the wounds and roots caused by these wounds.

 Friends, anyone born on earth will be wounded because there is an enemy of our soul, named satan.  He loves to attack God’s children because he hates Father God and opposes anything or anyone of God’s.

Satan doesn’t wait until a person is grown to attack them, he begins his attack as early as birth.

  • Satan has no new strategies.  He uses the same strategic attack on everyone:  rejection and abuse.
  • Satan tempts everyone with:  Lust of the eyes; Lust of the flesh; and pride of life.  He wants to take as many people to hell with him.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin stated: “we will have scars from wounds, but we should never let those scars stop us from growing and maturing in the Lord. Jesus who is our healer and great Physician has scars from wounds afflicted on Him and when we see Him, we will see His scars.”  Once healed, let your scars be a reminder that the LORD has brought you through a rough valley, and your past is now what it is – the past!

In your journal:

  • List the person(s) who wounded you doing your growing years.
  • Write a short prayer forgiving that person and release them to God.
  • Write a prayer for yourself asking Father God to heal you from ______________.

Today & Everyday Proclaim:

  • I am deeply loved by Father God.
  • Today, I refuse to allow my mind to dictate my future.
  • I am a chosen child of God ordained to do good works.

The Word of God has the power to transform and heal anyone who puts his/her trust in Father God for healing.

S.N.A.C.K. on the Word


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